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  A. Product Information:
    1. Type of products:
    2. Number of stock keeping units(line items):
    3. Packaging (type of containers):
      Average weight per case: Average cube per case:
    4. Is lot number or serial number control needed?
    5. Average value of product per case?
  B. Storage Requirements:
1. Average inventory(to be stored on a monthly basis)
      a. Number of cases:  b. Total weight:  c. Number of pallets:
2. Can pallets be stacked?    Yes    No If yes, 2 3 4 5 high?
    3. Total square feet required:
    4. Is racking or shelving required:
    5. Inventory turns per year:
  C. Inbound Shipments To Warehouse:
1. Will your product be shipped to our warehouse via: truck      rail car      piggyback trailer      container
    2. How many stock shipments per month:
3. Is product floor loaded: palletized      slip sheets     other     no
      a. If palletized or in slip sheets, what are the dimensions of the unit load?
    4. Average number of SKU's per shipment:
    5. Average number of cases per shipment:
    6. Average weight per shipment:
  D. Outbound Orders From Warehouse:
    1. Average number of orders to be shipped monthly:
    2. Average per order: weight    cases    SKU's
    3. Do you require pick-and-pack services? Yes    No
    4. If yes, what percentage of outbound orders require repacking:
    5. What percentage of your orders are shipped UPS:
    6. What is your LTL motor carrier freight classification?
    7. What is your past experience for storage and handling productivity?
      receiving cases or units per hour
      shipping cases or units per hour
      order picking cases or units per hour
      repacking cases or units per hour
      storage cases or units per square foot
  E. Clerical Requirements:
    1. Will you transmit order/receipt information to us via: mail    telephone    EDI    Your computer system
FAX    Other
    2. Will Bill of Lading be prepared by our warehouse:
    3. Describe rate basis desired (e.g., rate: per case, per hundredweight, per cubic foot, percentage of sales, other)